Lescrowtattoo Master Class

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Hi everybody! My name is Lesya I am doing tattoos in engraving style for five years. Fine lines are the base of my work, they make the contour, form and shade of the drawing.

Engravings have been my real inspiration for many years already and I love to continue this ancient type of art on the canvas that even the great Albrecht Dürer couldn’t expect. I am talking about human bodies.

I would like to present you several short videos to know a bit more about me, prepare several sketches and watch the tattoo session itself.

To be honest I can answer questions about my life and myself non stop, just cause my love to art transformed into tattoo and became the extension of me.

Teaching you the whole entire process with theory and types of supplies is just not interesting for me

I may hardly imagine myself in the role of serious mentor or teacher in real life, moreover in our online era it’s even not necessary.

That’s why I collected several short videos with answers on the most common questions about my style and working process.

This is the small master class during which you will be able to stand behind me meanwhile I am drawing and tattooing. This master class is good for those who already have the base and would like to watch the working process in individual style.

Master class overview

  • The First video is promo about me to immerse deeper into material that I am presenting.
  • The Second video is creating process of the sketch on IPad. I will show how to create the big piece for entire back, which programs and brushes to use. You will see how to draw from scratch as well as how to use the paintings of great artists and create your own projects of that.
  • Тhe Third video is transferring of the drawing to the skin, the process of tattooing itself. I am not teaching you neither the base and how to hold or assemble the machine nor the difference of styles in tattoo industry. I am sharing my favorite materials of work and show you one day of my tattoo life.
If you have any questions after watching this materials don’t hesitate to ask me personally. New videos with some extra info will be added to this platform in future. Stay tuned. Thanks for attention.